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AGMARK  aim for professional execution of the order and professional customer service 

 Imprint on CDs/DVDs discs

druk na płytach cd

The prints in our design have a great depth of color, the whole is created with great precision. We give you a choice of three permanent methods for printing CDs directly on offset, silk screen or UV. The final effect is characterized by excellent finish and highlighting even the smallest details.

Recording/Copying and Pressing CDs/DVDs discs

drukowanie płyt cd

We are recording and copying CDs. We can do the job in small quantities or, if need be, produce thousands of copies. Our CD and DVD printers are at your disposal at all times. Recordings and copies on CD in our performance are characterized by high quality.

  Case/Package for CDs/DVDs

nadruki na płytach cd

Check which packages for your optical media will be most suitable. We offer packaging with full-color printing and plastic packaging with the possibility of printing the covers. Thanks to the rich offer we give your product a unique look.


płyty cd z nadrukiem

Do not have the right idea for a printing  project ? Do not worry. Graphic designers in our company are here to help you ! Ready-made and full print design will be created for yours invidual needs.Send us all materials and we take care of the rest.Sometimes we do totally free.

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Highest quality at an extremely low price. Great offer especially for you.

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Agmark - printing on CD and DVD

Agmark is your partner for everything related to CDs and DVDs. Regardless of whether you are interested in professional CD printing, burning the same discs or creating covers for them - we are at your disposal. As an experienced company with a team of creative professionals with passion, we guarantee the highest level of service and competitive prices.

What we offer?

The scope of our offer is extremely wide. The main directions of Agmark's business are:

-Prints on CDs and DVDs - do you want to make an elegant disc with a presentation for your customers or stylishly finish an electronic version of your photo album? No problem - we will do it for you, providing excellent color depth and high repeatability. Our printed CDs will meet your expectations 100%!

- CD and DVD printing - we will make reliable copies of the material you want to put on the disc. Whether you need a few pieces or if you are interested in thousands of copies - our printing house is at your disposal,

- Making CDs and DVDs - a good CD is even better in an elegant package. Apart from the fact that we offer prints on DVD, we select and make packages on them, providing a wide choice of options as well as excellent colors and quality,

- Designing covers and prints for CDs and DVDs - do not have an idea for printing? Contact us and take a look at the creativity of Agmark Graphics. We will design a cover and print to reflect your idea and the nature of the publication. Projects for our clients are FREE!

Why US?

By working with Agmark, you will be satisfied with its results. Why?

- We have many years of experience in the industry - we know how to print on CDs and DVDs, and this translates into efficient execution of every order.

- Quality is our priority - we understand that you want your order received quickly, but at the same time you care about beautiful printing and precision burn out. That is why we care about every detail during production.

- We work on state-of-the-art technology - our printing machines work well even for the most demanding tasks.

- We ensure fast delivery of orders - you will not wait for orders for months.

- We guarantee reasonable prices - so our offer is competitive.

Please see the price list of our services and contact Agmark Advisors for details of the offer.

We invite you to cooperate!

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