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Sailing - bookbinding services Warsaw

Tyglowanie Warszawa In addition to the production of CDs / DVDs and packages dedicated to optical media such as cardboard envelopes, digipack, ecopack we also make orders for other cardboard packaging. Thanks to a wide machine park, we can do the following services: cruising, foiling, cutting, sewing, embolishing, etc. The most common of these services is the cheap crucible on a special machine called the stamping machine. Previously prepared punch. Prices start at just 0,1 EUR / hitting. We do the customer's dip or we can order for our client a punch in a specialized supplier with whom I cooperate on a daily basis. In this cely we have to get a ready template punch. We have a format B2, which means the work area is about 500x700mm. We have been making cardboard cartons since 2008, so we know a lot about exact cruisers, including digital prints. Of course, with digital printing, the reproducibility of printing is smaller, and more sheets need to be provided.

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