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Printing on CDs and DVDs | Printing on discs


nadruk na p造tach cd i dvdPhotographic quality on DVDs and CDs will only result in offset full color prints. This becomes most noticeable on printouts that include tonal and multicolor transitions and drawings. Offset has become the most popular way of printing on discs. On offset plates you can use UV varnish, which will give additional gloss and subtly deepen the color. Offset printing is done using the CMYK palette, it is possible to use special coloring.

Colors: CMYK "full color" + 1 special color
Linear: 170lpi
Refinement: optionally UV varnishing

Screen printing:

nadruk na p造cie cdIn many cases, print designs on CDs and DVDs are limited to a small number of colors. Screen printing will allow you to get a perfectly coated surface up to four colors. Choose colors from the Pantone palette to obtain 100% reproducible print results in all cases. Screen printing allows you to obtain colors that can not be obtained by other means such as silver or gold. Screen printing also allows for simple printing. Full-color images from the CMYK palette.

Colors: up to 4 special colors Pantone or CMYK "full color"
Refinement: optionally UV varnishing


drukowanie na p造tachDigital printing from the UV plotter is a great compromise between quality and cost of production for a small investment. The device we use has the largest, UV-resolution and extremely small drop. Thanks to this small production costs, we perform in high quality at extremely favorable prices. UV printing is characterized by a very short lead time.

Colors: CMYK "full color"


In collaboration with us, you do not have to minimize costs by limiting the number of colors visible on printed discs. Offset printing and UV printing are Cyan / Magenta / Yellow / Black full color range. Silk screen printing with a small amount of colors gives you a uniform color coverage and Pantone color palette. From now on you can be sure that regardless of the choice of printing method, the colors on your project will look professional.

NOTE: We print on CDs in every print run!

Printing on CD and DVD - Printing on CD

drukowanie na p造tach cenaBy printing on CDs, we provide you with a wide choice of printing methods. Our specialists will provide you with the right method, depending on the type of print you are printing, the amount of effort you are expecting, and the budgetary possibilities.

Together with Agmark you can print the following CDs and DVDs using the following techniques:

- Offset offset technology will provide photo quality on the disc, allowing you to cover full CMYK color palettes as well as custom color schemes. This is today's most popular method, which is especially true where prints contain full-color photographs, high-quality drawings and subtle transitions between color tones. Optionally, the print on the CD can be covered with matt or gloss UV varnish that gives the disc a unique look.

- Silk screen printing works where the print is limited to only a few colors from the Pantone palette. We print on DVDs with a method where up to 4 uniform colors are used. This method also allows you to obtain special colors, including Shade of silver and gold, and if necessary produce full-color images in the CMYK palette. UV refinement is also possible at points.

- UV the best compromise between price and print quality with less effort. Thanks to the state-of-the-art plotter we use, we can get a full color CMYK with photographic quality. This method also works for larger volumes where print time is crucial.

Which technique to choose?

drukowanie na p造tach cennikThis question does not have one good answer. It all depends on how many plates you want to print, how it will look and what effects you expect.

Working with Agmark, you can always expect top-quality service and, above all, innovative printing techniques that always deliver satisfactory and repetitive aesthetics even at high rolls.

Thanks to us, you do not need to limit the amount of colors on your print or other quality compromises to minimize costs. All you have to do is contact our specialists to help you tailor your technique, your budget, and your aesthetic expectations. We guarantee that together we will work out an offer that will meet all your needs.

warszawa drukowanie na p造tachIf you want more detailed information please contact us. We are waiting for your phone or email to visit our printing house.

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