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CD and DVD pressing pricelist | CD production Warsaw Poland

Plate pressing:

Tłoczenie płyt WarszawaCD pressing is a process used for the production of industrial grade discs. Using a "master" disc (master disc provided by the customer), a die is made that dispenses the data onto the disc. Compressor CDs supported by our staff proposes pressing CD, miniCD, DVD-5 and DVD-9. The volume of production is counted in thousands of pieces per day.

Copying discs (duplication):

produkcja płyt cd cennikDuplication of discs is the best way to save data on CDs and DVDs in outlay, where there is no need to produce in industrial quantities. Our offerings include burning standard CD-Rs, CD-RWs, DVD-Rs, DVD + Rs, and DVD-Rs and DVD + R Dual Layer. During recording we use specially prepared duplicators, so we are able to meet all customer requirements. Thanks to the use of specialist equipment, time becomes extremely short, with high quality. Same as embossing in all used recording formats. The productivity of the duplication we propose is several thousand records throughout the day.

We reserve the right to refuse to send / record data that the client does not have the right to distribute and violates the Antipope Compliance Program rules and the International Recording Media Association

CD and DVD pressing - Warsaw Poland

If you are interested in professional CD production, you could not hit better. Agmark is a specialist in everything related to embossing, which will provide you with comprehensive service. Modern equipment and a team of experienced workers are all you need to print even the most expensive CDs and DVDs quickly and inexpensively.

We offer our support both in the field of professional sheet metal stamping, as well as in duplication, so that the media can be copied, even in small amounts. No matter how many and what media you want to produce, please contact us. We will assure you the most favorable terms of cooperation.

Pressing CDs and DVDs as we work?

Professional CD and DVD printing makes it possible to produce on an industrial scale. It allows you to create up to one thousand copies of a recording in one day:

- with great precision,

- without errors in recordings,

- in good price.

All this makes the offer prepared by our CD presses has already benefited a very wide range of Clients in particular business.

Production begins with our preparation on the basis of the customer's master disc (containing the original recording) of the matrix. It will make all copies of it.

We can prepare the following media:

- CD,

- miniCD,

- DVD-5,

- DVD-9.

Copy discs

If you do not need the industrial effort of your recording and only a few or dozens of copies, the duplication process will be better than the pressing of the DVD. In Agmar this process is performed professionally, using advanced duplicator equipment. This guarantees reliable data transfer without errors or shortcomings in no time. By this method we can copy the discs:

- CD-R,

- CD-RW,

- DVD-R,

- DVD+R,

- Double-sided DVD R and DVD + R Dual Layer.

The duplication method can make up to several thousand copies in one day!

Regardless of the scale you are interested in producing CDs, please contact us. We will guarantee you:

- professional service including selection of appropriate method of making recordings,

- short lead time even within 1 day, depending on the amount spent,

- high quality of embossed and copied plates,

- attractive pricing.

Find out more by contacting our advisors. They will give you details of the offer.

Feel free to contact us via email, phone and personal!

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