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Terms and conditions of service

The Terms and Conditions govern the terms and conditions of using the services provided by AGMARK.

Sales office: ul. Lucerne 3/11
04-687 Warsaw
Headquarters: ul. 4/69 Aircraft
03-984 Warsaw
NIP: 113-271-57-88
EU Tax Identification Number: PL 113-271-57-88
REGON: 141382848
Account EURO mBank: 05 1140 2004 0000 3912 0495 7694 Bank: mBank BIC/SWIFT: BREXPLPWMBK


1. AGMARK Company s.c. Provides services:
- Printing on optical media
- Production of printable and small prints
- Burn data to optical media
- Sales of packaging for optical media
- Sales of accessories for optical media
- Printing and non-standard production on a variety of materials
- UV printing on all media up to 10cm height
2. AGMARK Company s.c. I undertake to update the www.agmark.pl, www.cmykexperts.pl website and these Terms and Conditions as soon as possible and to make any changes to their contents so that the information contained therein does not mislead the Customer.
3. Trade Offers AGMARK s.c. This is a valuation in PDF format (Adobe Portable Document Format) containing ID no. Together with this Regulation, which is an integral part of them.


1. The contract starts with the sending of the order via the form available at http://agmark.pl/zamowienie.php, http://agmark.pl/zk.php or by completing and submitting a written order form to the office. AGMARK sc's commercial sc and supply of necessary materials / data for production.
2. The pdf format is addressed only to the person requesting AGMARK s.c. And only the person who receives the order based on the valuation is the person making the order, so it is important not to make the valuation available to third parties.
3. If the printing project is prepared by AGMARKs.c. The realization begins when the order is placed by the form and the customer accepts the final version of the printing project.
4. The deadline for the order does not include transport to the customer.
5. The validity of the valuation, which together with this Regulation constitutes an offer, is 7 calendar days.
6. Sending an order using the online form or completing and submitting a written order form to the AGMARK sales office s.c. This is equivalent to the confirmation of the Customer data contained in the form and the Customer's will to conclude the contract under the conditions set out.
7. Upon commencement of the order, there is no possibility of resignation, changes to the design of the print, data for recording / stamping, the way of picking up the goods, the method of payment, unless the individual has agreed otherwise.
8. The order is made on the basis of information provided by the Customer in the order form.
9. The customer making the request certifies that they have ownership rights to AGMARK s.c. Materials necessary for the production including the right to preserve, use, disseminate the content of the order.
10. Where the principal is a civil partnership, the person making the order concludes at the same time that the provisions of the company agreement allow him or her to perform the act. If the person making the order for various reasons resulting from the contract of the company is not entitled to place an order automatically becomes a party to the contract as a natural person.
11. If the person making the order on behalf of the company does not have the appropriate authorization, it automatically becomes a party to the contract as a natural person.


1. All prices included on the AGMARK s.c. Are only information.
2. Calculation of orders takes place individually for each customer and is provided in the form of pdf valuation, which shows the cost of the order.


1. Pre-payment in the form of bank transfer takes place before the order is placed. Realization of the order begins immediately after the receipt of the payment, unless individually agreed otherwise.
2. Prepayment in cash is made before the execution of the order. Only after you have paid the fee for the order will we begin to execute the contract unless individually agreed otherwise.
3. In case of payment by bank transfer, the payment must be made to the account and within the time indicated on the VAT invoice or PROFORMA invoice.


1. Goods in Poland are delivered by courier company, unless otherwise stated in the offer.
2. The cost of delivery of goods is covered by the Customer.
3. AGMARK Company s.c. You are not responsible for delays in delivering the goods sent by courier service.
4. The receipt of personal goods is determined individually and is possible in the commercial office.
5. During delivery of the shipment, the customer is obliged to check the status of the ordered goods and in the event of damage found to the protocol in the presence of the courier. Damage caused by transport is responsible for shipping company.


1. In the event of an independent cause, such as unexpected power outage, water, natural disasters, strikes, AGMARK s.c. Shall not be responsible for changing the date of execution of the order.
2. The date of execution of an order is always announced in the offer for acceptance by the Customer.


1. The complaint is considered within 14 calendar days of the date of delivery of faulty materials by the Customer together with the complaint form of AGMARK s.c. To the sales office or email to info@agmark.pl. In the event of a complaint AGMARK s.c. You will be obliged to repair the product if it is impossible to exchange for new or to return the money for the ordered goods to the account given by the customer.
2. AGMARK Company s.c. I undertake to repair, replace the goods or return the money within 14 calendar days of the receipt of the claim.
3. The goods advertised will be delivered to the customer at his own expense.
4. The only basis for color claims for printed works from the CMYK palette is color proofing. Failure to provide a printout closes the possibility of advertising the CMYK color printing job.
5. If you provide material for recording electronically over the Internet, there is no basis for disclaiming any discrepancies. Only the master disc is provided as a basis for claiming the contents of recorded / extruded media.
6. AGMARK company s.c. We are not responsible for the incompatibility of the ordered discs and the equipment used for their playback / recording, as the production is performed on the highest quality media. You can not advertise the products that you are producing.
7. If you sue AGMARK s.c. Or if you object to the judgment for any reason, the proper filing or opposition is appropriate for your place of business. AGMARK s.c.


1. AGMARK Company s.c. We do not certify the goods storage service, therefore, up to 5 calendar days from the expiry date of the order (the mail about the completion of the order is sent), the customer is obliged to receive the order at his own expense, unless individually agreed otherwise.
2. After exceeding the 5-day deadline for the receipt of the order, AGMARK s.c. It reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 2% of the order for each calendar day if the customer deliberately delay receipt of the goods.
3. All payments related to accrued interest are governed solely by payment to your account.
4. In the event of interest due, the goods may be collected or sent only after the payment has been made in the bank account of AGMARK s.c.
5. AGMARK Company s.c. It is not responsible for the condition of use of completed and missed orders. This is due to the fact that as described in item 1 AGMARK s.c. Does not provide storage services.


1. To prepare the master disc, which will be used to perform the order confirmed by the customer, use the disc of the best possible quality. Record at a speed of ± 4x, Data mode set to "MODE 1" and closed session.
2. The amount of data on the transferred master can not exceed 700MB for a CD, 4.7GB for a DVD5, and 8.5GB for a DVD9.
3. If the supplied master disc is found for reasons beyond AGMARK s.c. Impossible to reproduce, then the customer will deliver again recorded on another master device. In that case, AGMARK reserves the right to change the deadline for execution of the order.
4. The master plate should be described in a legible, indelible marking, respectively: order number, company name.
5. AGMARK does not interfere with customer data included on the master. In exceptional cases where it is necessary to create a new master disc on the basis of a disc provided by the Customer or on the basis of files transmitted by electronic means, AGMARK s.c. You are not responsible for any incompatibility. Only the original master disc delivered by the Customer specially prepared for this purpose can be used as a complaint.


1. The preferred resolution for printing bitmaps is 300DPI.
2. For print we use CMYK color palette or Pantone palette COATED palette. 3. The design of the printing can be in the format:
- raster graphics (preferred format is .tif)
- vector graphics (preferred formats are .pdf or .eps)
- source file Corel Draw (version 12 or older .cdr)
- Adobe Photoshop source file (version CS3 or older.psd)
- Adobe Illustrator source file (version CS3 or older .ai)
4. The Client agrees to submit a project submitted for the execution of an order or project performed by AGMARK s.c. In the example projects and projects on AGMARK s.c. And the Facebook funpage for prospective clients.

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