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Prints on mini CD / DVD discs

Specification of mini CD:

Capacity: 200MB
Audio: 24min.
Diameter: 8cm.
Write speed (max): 32x

Specification of mini DVD disc:

Capacity: 1.4GB
Video: 30min.
Diameter: 8cm.
Write speed (max): 4x

Writing Types:

Data CD (data disc)
Audio CD (music CD)
Video CD (disc with movie clip)
Bootable CD
Data DVD (data disc)
Video DVD (movie disc)

Printing methods:

UV (CMYK "full color")
Screen printing (Pantone / CMYK "full color")

Area of printing method of offset / silk screen / UV:

Download template for offset printing / screen printing / UV - 79x22mm (.pdf)

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